The Project

" If the Nature feeds the being, the Art feeds the spirit. "

The idea of our project is to create a route of art on 9 Communes of our country of Uzerche.

Every year during 9 years, 9 new sculptors will be selected. So in 9 years (2012) there will be 81 sculptures which will form a real outdoor museum.

Our objective is to make discover the region and to democratize the culture.

The chronology

Each year :

*     The communes will define the layout of the course on their territory.

*     A topic is given in dialogue with association. It could be different according to communes', it will be related on the site of work or the history of the commune.

*     The topics are sent to the sculptors.

*     With the reception of the proposals made by the artists, each commune will join together a commission, made up of elected officials and members of association, in order to choose opens it that it will wish to see realizing.

*     The manufacture of open will be done with the sight of all, the sculptors will be joined together on a different commune each year, during the estival period.

*     The scultures will be installation in each commune.

Works :

*     The choice of materials is free, it must however resist the bad weather.

*     They will have to be carried out within 15 day.

*     They will be integrated in various points of our landscapes like the ways, the lakes, the fields, and will marry with our small inheritance like the places, the laundrettes, the fountains...

Sculptors :

*     They are professionals.

*     The recruitment of the artists is international and primarily European.

*     A young artist of the area could be integré with the group of sculptors.

*     The housing of the artists will be done at the inhabitant.

Note :

*     The teaching aspect will be concretized by the invitation of the schools to follow the event during and after the symposium.

*     This course could be to decline around varied and multiple sets of themes: walks, excursions equestrian, pedestrian, VTT, tourist rallys, theatre, archaeological inheritance.

*     These ways of the Culture leave with each one a free approach to discover each opens in its characteristics, to appreciate the diversity of materials and the languages plastic artists of generations and nationalities different.

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