Art.1 - Organization : the association « Les Chemins de la Culture du Pays d'Uzerche » within the framework of its project, organizes its 8th international symposium of sculpture. The sculptors can arrive from July 17th, 2011. The reception will be made at 6 pm.

Art.2 - Assurance : The registration in the symposium is free, an assurance is asked for every sculptor (at their expense).

Art.3 - Subjects : according to the partners and them sites of receptions foreseen in common agreement, subjects can be found. But we want to keep the freedom of the subject according to the method and to the current expression of every sculptor.

Art.4 - Jury : A jury will consist of professionals, representatives of the Community of Municipalities of the Country of Uzerche and of members of the association « Les Chemins de la Culture du Pays d'Uzerche ». The jury will select the participants on their project, explanations, models, receipts with the registration form. The choice of the jury will be without appeal.

Art.5 - Project :
Materials wood, limestone, metal
Dimensions of the final project according to the sites of establishment - height: minimum 1m maximum 2m.
A technical index card must be presented with the project.

Art.6 - The accommodation and the meals of the sculptors are taken care. For every accompanying person , the expenses of residence and meal will be at their expense.

Art.7 - Equipment : every sculptor will have at his/her disposal materials, and equipments asked in agreement with the association « Les Chemins de la Culture du Pays d'Uzerche », according to the technical index card of his project.
      1 electric point 220 volts
      1 working bench / supports
      certain equipments according to project.

Art.8 - Personal equipment : the sculptors must be equipped with their tools.

Art.9 - Weather report : The symposium will take place about is the time.

Art.10 - Stay : accommodation and meals of the sculptors will be insured and taken care by the association « Les Chemins de la Culture du Pays d'Uzerche » from 17th July to 29th July 2011. The personal expenses (telephone, drinks except the meals, etc.) will stay chargeable to the sculptors .

Art.11 - Reparation : Every sculptor will receive an individual 1525 € reparation. Foresee a Bank account particular for the transfer.

Art.12 - Date : The symposium will begin July 18th, 2011 in the morning and will finish July 29th, 2011 in the evening.

Art.13 - Diploma : Every sculptor will receive a diploma of participation.

Art.14 - Rights : The publications of photos of the works as information, as advertisement or as publishing, on the symposium, the sculptures will become the property of the association «Les Chemins de la Culture du Pays d'Uzerche».

Art.15 - Registration : The registration in the symposium is to be returned before March 14th, 2011.

The index card of participation is to be returned accompanied with a model in the 1/20th, with a curriculum vitae and especially with a technical index card of the project.

Art.16 - Models : For the return of your model, expenses are at your charge.

Art.17 - Selection : Resulpts will be avaible on our web site around the 15nd April 2011.

Art.18 - Artists who already participated two times may not submit projects this year.

Art.19 - Exhibition : Selected sculptors can be known through their works. So they can show 3 works maximum but the transport stays at their expense. A 10 % percentage on sales realized in the exhibition, will be payed to the association.

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